Welcome To Baby Casting Co.

The leading  baby life casting  company in Lancashire. We capture the moments of child’s a life which pass by so quick & give you memories to cherish forever! We all know the little one doesn’t stay little for long, so capture more than just an image and frame that special moment forever.

Welcome to Baby Casting Co.

Baby Casting Co. is a baby casting company based in Burnley and Rossendale, Lancashire. Producing  the finest quality baby hand and feet casts. We pride ourselves on having quality products and love the fact our customers are happy each and every time we deliver their child’s gorgeous hand and feet impressions, framed in a bespoke frame of their choice. All of our Baby Casting is done in a controlled environment and to make your child as comfortable as possible we can come visit you in your own home; meaning your childrens casts are taken in the surroundings they are used to.


What is Baby Casting?

Our baby Casts are taken from your child’s actual hands and feet by using a child friendly moulding compound which is mixed with water and sets like a silicone-jelly around your child’s hands or feet. Once set, your child’s foot is wriggled out of the completely safe jelly. This gives us the little impressions in 3d baby casting form so we can then turn your baby feet and baby hands into a real life sized plaster castings. Your baby’s hands and feet can take between 2-3 weeks to dry out. Only then are they sanded down, painted and buffed up to be framed in the bespoke frame of your choice.

Discounts / Offers

For a limited time only, Our four cast framed baby casts are 10% off!!! Don’t miss your chance to save big on these wonderful items.

Saving YOU Money!

Here at Baby Casting co. we give our customers the chance to save on many products. From time to time businesses we think you may like have offers we would like to share. CHECK THEM OUT!
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Areas Covered

We cover the whole of Lancashire and expanding into other areas daily. We use the finest materials and visit you in your own home. We even HAND DELIVER the finished product straight to your door. Areas Covered
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Here ar Baby Casting Co. We love to share all our products with the world. giving everyone the chance to have a baby cast to cherish forever! We also share interesting products and business we think you might find interesting. Sign up or socialise with us over the web. tweet @babycastingco FB @babycastingco
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