About me

Hi! My name is Gemma,
I’m a Baby Casting Specialist.

I’m Gemma, I’m the founder of Baby Casting Co. 

I started Baby casting co in 2010 when I had my first daughter as my sister in law had a cast of her baby and spent a fortune on it – I loved it.

I couldn’t afford very much at the time so a casting was a huge cost that I just didn’t have spare money for. Like many of my customers do, I purchased a baby casting kit and failed miserably several times. The cast cost me more in the end but not wanting to be defeated, I practised to capture the impressions.

In the end I finally got a foot casting that I was happy with framed it and thought never again! A friend saw what I had done and asked if I could attempt one for her so I did…

My friend then added a photo to Facebook and before I knew it people were contacting me to do theirs. This was when I saw the demand for such a beautiful keepsake and Hundreds of happy hands & feet later, Baby Casting Co casts are in the homes of many happy parents throughout Lancashire.

What I do

It’s took years of practice.
To master the art of lifecasting!

Becoming a Baby Casting specialist hasn’t been easy & has taken years of practise on hundreds of tiny hands & feet to get just right.

I learned the hard way (like many of my customers do) & failed miserably several times before perfecting the process… 

There are many tutorials on my facebook and I will soon be adding tutorials to my blog so you’re free to try the process yourself.

However, if you would like to save the hassle & book an appointment with me, feel fee to book an appointment. I’m more than happy to help!

Hands & Feet

Casts of your baby’s Hands or Feet framed with Love.

Framed Keepsake

We frame your baby casts with the best frames & mount boards.

Featured Projects

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