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After many questions about the sealant we used we have been working behind the scenes. Now you to can create your perfect baby hand and feet casts and ensure they last with 220ml of Baby Casting sealant. Sealing is a key part of the baby casting process and ensures that any moisture left in the cast doesn’t come to the surface causing issues in the future.

Comes in 2 colours for Dark or Light casts.

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Sealing a cast is one of the most important steps in the casting process, when we post about sealing we always get tonnes of questions about what we use or how we do it so this is why we have been working behind the scenes to make the perfect sealant for your hand and feet casts!

Just paint on and this will get into all the lines and creases and make sure any trapped moisture will not reach the surface. Casts do need to be fully dried out before applying like normal.

Comes in Black and White.

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