Baby Casting Silicone Moulding Course


Learn how to make silicone moulds from your plaster hand or foot casts, great for trying with new materials such as Resin or just to duplicate casts you already have.

Makes amazing copies even you will struggle to see which is the original. Great addition to your Baby Casting Business.

Training is given over Video Call.

Support after the Course is also included.




NEW to Baby Casting co. for 2021! 

For established Baby Casting Businesses ONLY! if you would like to learn how to start a casting business please find the course for Casting Training.

2020 was a strange time for us all and it gave me the time to try new and exciting techniques, having had so many questions about the silicone I had done I decided that I would make into a small and easy course for any Baby Casting Business owner.

Would you like to know how to create detailed duplicate moulds from your baby hand and foot casts from silicone? if you have a baby casting company then this is a course for you.

This technique allows you to take a mould from a cast made and create multiple copies of that one cast. This is a great add on to any casting business, and also allows you to take your business further with new materials such as resin.

This training will be done over video call.

Covered in this call will be:

  • Step by Step Technique.
  • Hints and Tips on how to get the best mould.
  • What to use and where to purchase.
  • What not to do.
  • How to use your finished silicone mould.

I will also send a PDF of the steps to go over for future reference and also answer any questions you may have once you have tried it yourself. You do not need anything for the course other than a laptop/mobile device unless you are like me and like to take notes!

This course is around 1 hour – 1 .5 Hours.


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