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Capture more than just an image with our framed Baby or Family Casts.

Now Offering Bespoke Jewellery!

Made from your very own Breastmilk or Cremation Ashes! Completely bespoke keepsakes sold here..

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Payments aren’t expected all at once! Most of our customers split into to 2 Payments however if you need to spread it further then gte in touch.

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Hello! We are Baby Casting Co.

One of Lancashire’s leading Baby Casting Companies.

I’m Gemma, I’m the founder of Baby Casting Co. 

I started Baby casting co in 2010 when I had my first daughter as my sister in law had a cast of her baby and spent a fortune on it – I loved it.

I couldn’t afford very much at the time so a casting was a huge cost that I just didn’t have spare money for. Like many of my customers do, I purchased a baby casting kit and failed miserably several times. The cast cost me more in the end but not wanting to be defeated, I practised to capture the impressions.

In the end I finally got a foot casting that I was happy with framed it and thought never again! A friend saw what I had done and asked if I could attempt one for her so I did…

My friend then added a photo to Facebook and before I knew it people were contacting me to do theirs. This was when I saw the demand for such a beautiful keepsake and Hundreds of happy hands & feet later, Baby Casting Co casts are in the homes of many happy parents throughout Lancashire.


Looking for something different? Let us know.